RAGE1 Library for ZX Spectrum

Once upon a time…I owned a ZX Spectrum Plus computer. I was 14 then, and I have very good memories of this machine. When years ago emulator software started getting popular, I was really excited to play some old games and get in touch again with my old Speccy.

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon Z88DK, a powerful toolchain for writing assembler and C programs for several machines, including my beloved Spectrum. And it even included a wonderful sprite library, SP1! This meant I could write Spectrum games with modern tools!

So a few months ago I started writing my own adventure game engine for the Spectrum, which I have called RAGE1 (for Retro Adventure Game Engine, release 1). It is based on the SP1 library and written in C.

Now I’m at a point where RAGE1 is already useful for writing games, and I have published it in GitHub. Feel free to clone, modify and enhance it, and of course, create games with it! Full documentation is included.

The library comes with a dull and simple demo game, mainly intended to test its capabilities, but I’m working on two new games using it.

You can access the RAGE1 Repository

Comments, feature and pull requests are very welcome.