RAGE1 version 0.4.0 released!

Hi people:

The new release 0.4.0 of my RAGE1 Retro Game Adventure Engine is out, and it comes with a huge improvement: automatic compilation of games for 128K Spectrum!

You just need to add a ZX_TARGET 128 directive to your GDATA game config file, and voila! Your game is compiled for 128K and makes use of the high memory banks for game assets like screens, sprites, tiles, flow rules, etc. This means you can create much bigger games now, bigger sprites, better graphics and huge maps.

Together with that, there are tons of optimizations which make engine code and data use less memory and leave it free it for your game.

Also lots of interesting documents have been added: internal design documentation, memory maps, debugging and optimization tips…

You can get a taste of the games that are currently achievable with RAGE1 with the following gameplay for my ongoing Famargon game:

Famargon Current Gameplay

As always, you can check it out at the RAGE1 GitHub repo.

As you know, your comments, ideas for new features and pull requests are very welcome.