RAGE1 version 0.5.0 is out!

Hey friends: I have released RAGE1 0.5.0 after more than a year of development, with loads of new features, such as 128K music with integrated Arkos2 tracker, automatic map generation and many gameplay improvements.

It’s been ready since a few months already, but some late features kept creeping in for this release, reason being that… RAGE1 is being considered for a new game by Team Moritz!

Some of the new features and tools in the new release are:

For a detailed list of the enhancements this release brings, head to the CHANGELOG.

There is one thing that could not make it for this release (and I promised it!), the TUTORIAL. It is still a work in progress, but I did not want it to delay the 0.5.0 release any more, so I just moved the task to the 0.6.0 milestone. Hopefully the work on the Team Moritz game will make it easier for me to finish it soon!

As always, your comments, ideas for new features and pull requests are very welcome.

See you in the next release!