SP1 Scrolling: Test 2

It can be found in the src/sp1-sprites directory. It’s the previous Test 1 real scroller, but this time with sprites running all over the place, while the background is scrolling down.

The source is fully parameterized, so that different configurations can be tested and conclusions drawn.

The following parameters can be modified by just changing the #define’s at the top of the C file:

My findings so far:

My next optimizations will be oriented to find the way of not invalidating all the screen, but only the affected cells. This will probably force me to keep track of the current tiles on screen and their position.

Click here for the TAP file and the source code.

P.S. Assembler functions and loops have been modified to not require any manual adjustment - just change the #define; and also: I have switched to SDCC compiler for better C syntax support :-)